The AUT-POINT Foundation keeps contact with the most families living with autism, in South Hungary. Beside providing assisting services, the foundation collects donations from companies (NGOs) and private persons, to ensure the successful operation of those services.


AUT-KÖZ-PONT Day-care center for the disabled

Autistic people get excluded from general educational institutions and workplaces available to the public.

In our day-care center, we welcome people living with autism from the age of kindergarten to young adults, into a friendly, understanding and ensuring community.

We provide the opportunity for personalized, special, and individual development.

We help with overcoming behavioral problems, and with the development of communication, mental and motor skills.


In an environment, that is suitable for them, people living with autism can carry on work successfully that is productive both in a social and an economical ways.

Within our social work program, they can learn gardening, house-keeping, handy craft, back office and kitchen tasks.

They work with enthusiasm in our herbal garden, growing herbs.


TÁM-PONT Support Services

Our goal is to support the individual lifestyle, to help within living environment, and to provide access to public services for people living with autism.

Our personal support service is always personalized, planned and focused on the area of development, taking into consideration the situation and the needs of the individual autistic person.

Most persons living with autism cannot commute alone. Using public transportation is not viable solution for them even with helping companion. Our transport service, utilizing our own van, is available for every day commute (to and from our center, to school, to office visits), and is provided with attendants trained in autism.


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